Amped TAP-EX Firmware

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Amped TAP-EX for Firmware - The TAP-EX High Power Touch Screen Wi-Fi Range Extender extends the range of any 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi network with the tap of your finger. It works by using repeating the signal from your Wi-Fi router and redistributing that sign to a new, extended region. The TAP-EX capabilities a 3.Five" coloration contact display display for smooth setup with out the assist of any additional devices. It is equipped with 2 advanced amplifiers and a removable high advantage antenna to boost your Wi-Fi insurance by means of an additional 10,000 sq. Ft. With 2 stressed out ports, you could also immediately attach extra Internet gadgets like clever TVs and game consoles. The TAP-EX is a high performance Extender, constructed in an attractive and compact layout and with the most simple setup to be had. With features like Digital Clock Mode, you may not need to hide it in a cabinet like different devices. The TAP-EX is a swish and powerful addition to any domestic or office community.

Amped TAP-EX Firmware

Amped TAP-EX Firmware Download
Amped TAP-EX

I've attempted many range extenders from Linksys to Netgear and belkin as well as one from Amped Wireless. Since I've established some of those for myself and for buddies that's I've encouraged to I do not forget myself knowledgable with how these work. This one turned into purchased as a present for my dad because his house become also struggling for useless spots outdoor and in his residing room. The purpose I chose this one is due to those I've attempted in the beyond Amped has through far the longest range. This one provides the touch display and features greater power so I idea I'd give it a shot.

Amped TAP-EX Firmware Utility

First, set up out of the box become easier than any extender I've tried. I didn't need to connect a laptop to it and it changed into carried out in much less than 2 minutes. The final countdown become a bit sluggish but this is the case with all extenders. The setup with the contact screen became so simple that I confirmed my dad the way to use it as well as all the functions inside the menu and he were given it. This saves me a headache in the future for having to return lower back and troubleshoot if there are any troubles.

Amped TAP-EX Firmware Installer

Second, the variety and overall performance is as expected. Very very good. Again vs the other extenders I've tried this has the longest range. Speed wise it become difficult to inform for the reason that my dads ISP isn't always the quickest first of all but it did the task getting the wifi and streaming over to the rooms that we are having problem with it previously. Last the contact screen menu also lets you update the software thru the net which become a plus in view that I haven't seen that on any others.

Cons: the unit is a touch greater high priced but you do get what you are pay for. I'm positive the touch display isn't always reasonably-priced to feature but it truly makes this product really worth the money. Will be recommending this one to friends moving forward.

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