Download Dingless 0.9.94 APK for Android

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Dingless 0.9.94 APK for Android

Download Dingless 0.9.94 APK for Android

Download for Dingless 0.9.94 APK for Android - Dingless is an utility that permits you to deactivate the notifications that sound to your Android device every time the screen is became on. In actual fact, whenever you are utilizing your device, it won't beep. In the end, in case your device is became on, you're as a rule looking at it, so you do not particularly want it to making noise to get your awareness, correct?

Download Free APK Dingless 0.9.94 for Android
Despite the fact that deactivating notifications when your screen is on is the predominant rationale of Dingless, it's no longer the one function. That you may also hooked up your Android device so that after it can be grew to become off, it will best beep once when it receives a number of notifications from the equal supply. For illustration, if you have your smartphone on the desk and you obtain seven consecutive messages in less than 30 seconds from the same character, in general you'll hear seven specific sounds. However with Dingless, you can best hear it as soon as.

Download APK Installer Dingless 0.9.94 for Android
In the settings, that you can decide upon the amount of time that passes between one notification and another. By using default, that is set at 30 seconds. That you may additionally broaden or curb the volume of notifications.

Dingless is an utility that presents two very interesting features, each provided on a simple and well-designed interface. The app takes up little or no space and barely consumes any resources.

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