Download Lionheart Tactics 1.5.3 APK for Android

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Download Lionheart Tactics APK for Android

Download Lionheart Tactics 1.5.3 APK for Android
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Download Free Lionheart Tactics 1.5.3 APK for Android
Lionheart Tactics is an SRPG in the purest final fantasy tactics form the place gamers lead their possess military of heroes and participate in turn-situated battles wherein strategy is essential to attaining victory.

In Lionheart Tactics, gamers enhance in the sport by means of a single-participant crusade of over 200 battles, recruiting heroes to fight for their intent alongside the best way. On the starting you'll  with simply Locke, your predominant character, however it will not be long before you also add an archer, a thief or a clergyman to add to your staff of adventurers. There are a whole of 16 special types of gamers. 

Download Lionheart Tactics 1.5.3 APK for Android
Emerald City Games

Download and Install APK Lionheart Tactics 1.5.3 for Android
Battles in Lionheart Tactics take place in turns. Which you can move your characters separately with each turn, utilising the precise skills of each and every. For illustration, the thief can steal money from her enemies at the same time the clergyman can participate in healing spells. 

Except campaign mode, Lionheart Tactics additionally includes a multiplayer mode where which you can assignment opponents on the internet. These battles permit you to win renown on the worldwide leaderboards as good as shields to purchase more content material. 

Lionheart Tactics is an pleasant turn-established SRPG with now not simplest gorgeous photos, but it additionally wonderful gameplay that ranks with the satisfactory of its style.

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