Free Download OpenSignal 3G/4G/WiFi 4.14 APK For Android

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Download OpenSignal 3G/4G/WiFi 4.14 APK

Free Download OpenSignal 3G/4G/WiFi 4.14 APK For Android

Download OpenSignal 3G/4G/WiFi 4.14 APK For Android 
OpenSignal - 3G/4G/WiFi is a quite simple software that behind all its configuration monitors hides one easy function: toughen the signal of your Android terminal. How does it receive that? Very handy.

Free Download OpenSignal 3G/4G/WiFi 4.14 APK For Android

Download OpenSignal 3G/4G/WiFi APK
OpenSignal - 3G/4G/WiFi will suggests you a graph of close signals. You will be in a position to see the entire cellular cellphone antennas and WiFi routers on a map. In addition, you're going to have various maps of the insurance plan of the networks you might have around you for 2G, 3G and 4G (LTE).

Free Download OpenSignal 3G/4G/WiFi 4.14 APK For Android

Free Download OpenSignal 3G/4G/WiFi 4.14 APK Chack Location Wifi
Except for that, OpenSignal - 3G/4G/WiFi will means that you can make a velocity scan on your Android terminal. This fashion you'll be equipped to rapidly investigate the download and add pace you will have with your data network.

You are going to be capable to quite simply save all this information in a report, on an SD card or the memory of the device.

Free Download OpenSignal 3G/4G/WiFi 4.14 APK For Android

Download OpenSignal 3G/4G/WiFi 4.14 APK Speed Wi-Fi
OpenSignal - 3G/4G/WiFi is a very simple and convenient to make use of tool on the way to aid you to acquire various useful expertise about your information network.

With OpenSignal you can find cell towers round you on a map, and the signal compass aspects you within the direction you need to stroll in to improve your connection immediately.
  • Signal compass features you within the path your signal is coming from
  • Map and radar view of telephone towers and Wifi routers
  • Speed scan for download, upload and latency
  • Insurance policy maps enable you see the quality/worst places for 2G, 3G and 4G
  • See neighborhood telephone towers
  • Free and ad-free


  • Widget
  • Share your findings and compare your reference to different customers
  • Personal information for your signal first-rate
  • Set reside wallpaper that alterations with sign force - see http://opnsg.Nl/sign-wallpaper
  • Store knowledge to your SD Card

SMS Permission required to rely the quantity of SMS despatched to monitor your usage, SMS are in no way learn (use a packet sniffer to investigate!) mobile settings permission permits network reset on special Android versions

founded on our neighborhood-generated information we are ready to help maintain you higher linked by means of giving you a functional approach to the issues of sluggish mobile web and dropped calls. With no trouble comply with our sign compass to stroll in the direction of higher telephone signal or see our in-app insurance policy maps to determine which service is great for the place you are, priceless if you are thinking about altering. Our wifi maps support you find nearby public-access wireless networks (WAPs).

Free Download OpenSignal 3G/4G/WiFi 4.14 APK For Android
Download OpenSignal
The Stats tab lets you maintain monitor of your usage, so there’s no risk of you going over your plan limit on information, voice or text. (NB – that is why the app needs permission to entry contacts and SMS, these are the permissions needed to count calls and texts, messages are in no way accessed or read!).

We use Google Maps in our apps, e-mail us if you happen to can not entry Google Maps, email us to request an additional map technology.

Maps no longer up to date in real-time. Don’t fear though, we log the expertise you share with us to beef up our coverage maps and signal knowledge. We’re working tough to ensure the data you contribute to the challenge is to be had to all people as speedily as possible.

  • Now not all towers and wi-fi routers are in our database - we’re working on it!
  • Verizon & sprint (CDMA) customers will see only one linked tower at a time
  • Relocating in the direction of your mobile tower (the signal compass) is not going to always give a boost to reception because of interference results/local geography.

Evolved notes:
  • For GSM, phone tower are identified by way of phone id and area subject code (CID and LAC)
  • For CDMA mobilephone towers are recognized by way of network identification, Base sub-station id and approach identity (NID, BSSID and SID).

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