Free Download Facejjang 2.24 APK for Android

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Download Facejjang APK 

Free Download Facejjang 2.24 APK for Android
Sangmin Bang

Download Facejjang 2.24 APK for Android
Facejjang is an app that lets you upload a image of your self or your associates to make fun, personalised song videos. All you have to do is decide on the template you wish to have to make use of (many are to be had without spending a dime) and begin growing.

Free Download Facejjang 2.24 APK for Android
Sangmin Bang

Download Facejjang 2.24 APK Editing Picture 
First, you must accurately opt for the face you wish to have to make use of. To take action, outline the contours of the face with the aid of atmosphere the attention line and the function of the lips. Whenever you do that, that you may add exceptional add-ons like hats, wigs, sunglasses, ties, etc.

Free Download Facejjang 2.24 APK for Android
Sangmin Bang

Free Download Facejjang 2.24 APK for Android
After adding the faces to the video template, you only need to wait a couple of seconds for the file to be processed. After that, the app automatically saves the video to your device, the place you could watch it or share it nonetheless you wish to have.

Facejjang is a fun app that offers lovely just right outcome. In lower than a minute or two, you can create a loopy personalised video to share with your buddies.

Olution for Returning to major reveal throughout new face making error.
  1. Please close apps that are not in use when remaking.
  2. Please pick “Clear memory” and take a look at once more. (tap on ‘challenge manager/RAM/Clear reminiscence')

Be a celeb on Facejjang! Facejjang is a fun and entertaining app for customers who need to be a celebrity! All you need is a snapshot of yourself to edit and upload onto the Facejjang video clip template! It’s as easy as that! Share and post completed clips to YouTube, facebook, Pinterest, Google + and extra! You will be a Facejjang superstar!

To be had packages 
  • Video clips are to be had in applications of two, 3

App aspects
  1. Add portraits of your face snapshot to Facejjang video clips.
  2. Accessorize with wigs, hats, sunglasses and extra!
  3. Enter messages on video clip.
  4. Send completed video clips to YouTube, fb, Pinterest, Google +, e mail and extra!

Please note
  1. Finished movie clips are over 10 MB. Please down load where WiFi is offered. 
  2. Traumatic download may just reason various blunders!
  3. Completed video clip is routinely saved in MyMovies.

Four. App would possibly not work good on smartphones manufactured before 2012.

App down load Error
disturbing download may reason error. When in error, please pick “Clear reminiscence” and try again. (tap on ‘project manager/RAM/Clear memory')

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