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Truecaller - Caller ID & Block

True Software Scandinavia

TrueCaller is an utility that may determine incoming calls so  who is attempting to arrive you before you reply. That is, that you can block specific numbers of undesirable and for that reason can't contact you again.

Additionally to cognizance perform caller want a Wi-Fi or 3G, TrueCaller has some other intriguing aspects. For example, you should use the facebook picture, Twitter, or Google Plus to alter the display screen when acquaintances and contacts to contact you.

True Software Scandinavia

While you obtain a name from an unknown number, TrueCaller will let you know how many users have marked the unwanted numbers. This will likely support you swiftly verify whether the call is an exciting and principal, or not.

TrueCaller is a priceless application for any individual who is uninterested in the mobilephone numbers from telemarketers or other undesirables. For those who install this software, you're going to no longer deal anymore with all of the undesirable incoming calls.


- recognize who is asking - engaged on a contact saved and unknown contacts
- blocking off unsolicited mail callers and telemarketers
- search for names and numbers someone
- Make calls directly from the app
- No more unidentified calls in your call historical past
- replica number anywhere (eg internet site or software) and Truecaller will tell who the proprietor is.

Truecaller never uploads your phonebook to make it searchable or noticeable to the public. 3G or WIFI wanted for Caller identification Truecaller function. Might price carriers.

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