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SimSimi Inc.
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SimSimi is a man-made intelligence software that is capable of preserving problematic conversations utilising somewhat intricate language. That's right - your entire conversations (count on people who you deliberately make absurd) will make sense.

To start utilising the application, you simply have to touch the pleasant, circular, yellow personality (SimSimi) and  to speak with him. You should observe proper away that the things that he tells you are really logical, and fit in with the conversation you are leading.

SimSimi Inc.

That you can entertain yourself writing all sorts of silly things and studying his reactions, so that you can from time to time surprise you and are definite to make you laugh. Which you can attempt to make acquaintances with him, flirt with him, threaten him... It doesn't matter, because it's an AI.

SimSimi Inc.

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SimSimi is a type of funny apps which you could download to cross the time, since its predominant reason is mindless entertainment. You'll have to be connected to the web to make use of it. 

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