Free Download B612 4.8.1 APK For Android

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B612 - Selfie from the Heart For Android


Download B612 4.8.1 APK For Android
B612 is a photography app that is designed specifically for Selfie. With this application you can add dozens of filters on an image before dividing through your favorite social networks. In total, the B612 has more than 50 types of filters. You can choose any filter by means of swiping a finger on the bottom of the screen so that it appears a small picture that will show you how to filter effects to images. You can also simply swiping a finger over the image to add a filter randomly.

In addition to adding a filter, with the B612 you can also create a photo collage. You can make it with regular Selfie, or with a different arrangement of nine photos, even vertical arrangement of two or three photos. B612 also has a timer, which is useful when you shoot Selfie from a distance, and memiringkanya to play with depth of field.


Free Download B612 4.8.1 APK For Android
B612 is a great photographic applications with an interface that is complete and easy to use. In short, this is a simple application for those who want to take a nice Selfie using filters, effects, or whatever it was.

Designed to be the best selfie applications, the B612 is equipped with features that are fun and refreshing that you will not find anywhere.


Video Selfie
Show the world how extraordinary you with a video clip of 3 or 6 seconds complete with sound. Tap and hold the screen to start recording. Support rear camera: Wipe the screen from top to bottom and show the world your friend who looks in your eyes.

Filter Random
There are times when looking for a filter that you want to spend a lot of time. Just tap the random button! B612 also remember which filter you use most often and will choose one for you.

This feature is perfect for skimming the edges of the photo, to show what is really important. Each vignette will adjust the filter that you are using automatically.

Blurring the lines of focus for a soft touch that shows your true self even more deeply.

Photo Collage
Show everyone your world by incorporating multiple beam your smile into a single photograph., Create incredible 3D photo with this feature.

2 sec, 5 sec ... Post a perfect pose before the shutter is closed.

Selfie Sticks
Install the remote control Bluetooth-mu and experience to take pictures more freely.

Post your photos and share them on Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram easily.

When you want to get the perfect angle to show you the true self,
when you have a minute and a smart phone in hand,
when you are in exotic locations and want to show it to the world,
when you're hanging out with friends and suddenly want to make weird faces,
when your grandmother to see you after a long time no see, and you want to make it as precious memories of your life,
when your daughter faces brightly lit like an angel and you want to remember that smile forever,

B612 is perfect for taking photos selfie you whenever and wherever you are. B612 was created for those moments and more.

★ B612 won the "Best of the Best" Red Dot 2015 ★

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